Overcome The Barriers To

A safe, comfortable, affordable home provides enormous possibilities for an individual or family striving to secure a hopeful future.

But, low-income tenants often require more than housing to reach their personal and financial goals. This is where resident services become important.


Our Mission

Embrace’s skilled coordinators assess residents’ goals, evaluate available resources, and offer a variety of educational, recreational, and social activities.

Embrace was created in 1999 to expand FFAH’s mission to “Create safe, comfortable, affordable housing”. FFAH wanted to pursue a more personal impact on its residents and the greater community. To this end, FFAH adopted the mission “Building homes, creating communities, enriching lives”, and this deeper, more personal focus gave birth to Embrace.

Today, Embrace provides onsite services to a growing number of properties. Our primary goal is to help our tenants overcome barriers to success. We do this largely by connecting residents to services that already exist in the community and by facilitating their access governmental programs. Additionally, coordinators provide onsite services tailored to the specific needs of the residents.


Arts & Crafts

Computer Labs

Cooking Classes

Dance Classes

Homework Help

Karate Classes

Programs Designed To
Help Kids Excel in Life

Adult Programs

We encourage an active resident lifestyle at our senior properties and provide opportunities to interact through classes, clinics, and social events aligned with the interests of each community.

  • Technology class: Helps residents communicate more effectively with family and friends, handle critical issues online such as Medicare and Social Security, and feel more connected to the world.
  • Additional Classes – We may also provide fitness classes, blood pressure clinics, and a variety of speakers selected to address the needs of residents.

Our services make a powerful difference in people’s lives and carry meaningful returns through generations. By encouraging community members to get to know each other in a positive way, we decrease resident turnover, cut down on crime and vandalism, and keep our communities vibrant and healthy.


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