Helping Our Residents

  • Building Homes
  • Creating Communities
  • Enriching Lives

Our Mission

In order to pursue a more personal impact on our residents and the greater community, Embrace was born in 1999. Embrace adopted the mission “Building homes, creating communities & enriching lives” to expand FFAH’s mission of “Create safe,  comfortable, & affordable housing.”

Embrace currently serves 2326 units spanning over 22 family and senior properties, and our footprint continues to grow. Our primary goal is to help our tenants overcome barriers to success. We do this largely by tailoring individualized programming that connects residents to local community programs, facilitates on site workshops, builds protective factors, links them with natural supports, and so much more! The best part about our services? They are offered to residents at no additional cost!

What Does Embrace Do?


Why Choose Embrace?

  • Improved sense of community
  • Increased resident and property management satisfaction
  • Decreased maintenance concerns
  • Collaboration between property management and residents
  • Decreased resident turnover
  • Reduction of crime
  • Community focused on holistic health, wellness, and overall stability
  • Services tailored for residents while ensuring their voice is heard

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Embrace In Action

Helping Seniors Thrive

At Northgate Terrace in Oakland, senior activities includes a lunch and exercise program, bingo nights and twice-monthly activity excursions around the city.


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