Supporting Our Parents

We customize ‘no cost’ programs for our parents that educate and empower.  The ‘on-site’ Embrace coordinators provide practical and much-needed assistance in a variety of areas that busy parents can greatly benefit from. We have developed and improved our services based on the feedback of the residents we serve.

By using a proven wellness philosophy, our coordinators can provide tools to help make the entire family whole, healthy, and happy.

Supporting Our Children

Children are exposed to opportunities they might not otherwise receive such as homework club, computer labs, mentorship, and internships. We provide recreational and skill-building activities that focus on health, wellness, nutrition, physical exercise, art and music, and more. After school programs are a safe place where kids can receive academic and emotional support and learn coping skills and support one another. These services are offered at no additional cost.

Examples of Family Activities

At each property Embrace determines which goals are achievable and to what degree, depending on funding and local resources. These goals may include providing:

Activities to Build Community

  • Information posted in public area for community events, calendars, and newsletters
  • Social Events
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Potluck Gatherings
  • Community Games (Bingo)

Service Coordination

  • Case Management
  • Food Distributions
  • Tax Prep help
  • Resource Assistance
  • Advocacy
  • Community Linkage

After School Programs

  • Homework Support
  • STEAM based programming
  • Tutoring Assistance
  • Nutritious Snacks

Health Programs

  • Mental Health Services and Referrals
  • Holistic Health Services and Referrals
  • Exercise Classes
  • Eating on a Budget
  • Cooking Classes
  • Self-Care workshops
  • Health Assessments
  • Flu Shot workshops

Educational Classes

  • Employment
  • Reading / Writing workshops
  • Financial Literacy
  • Resume Writing
  • Computer Classes
  • Parenting Classes
  • ESL GED qualification classes

Embrace Service Coordinators

A service coordinator is a safe person who residents can share their concerns, issues, and struggles with, resulting in greater quality of life, building resilience and stronger mental health. Our service coordinators are on site and therefore another set of eyes on the property itself, helping to improve both longevity of the property and increased peace of mind for residents.

Examples of Service Coordinator duties

  • Coordinate educational classes
  • Facilitate community needs assessments utilizing questionnaires, community meetings and one- on-one interviews.
  • Facilitate the implementation of individual social services plan (when applicable)
  • Insure quality program delivery to the apartment community
  • Interface with local community groups to recruit additional service delivery partners
  • Interface with on-site property management and supervisory staff
  • Other activities that support the residents


Embrace In Action

Helping Seniors Thrive

At Northgate Terrace in Oakland, senior activities includes a lunch and exercise program, bingo nights and twice-monthly activity excursions around the city.


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