Ruth D.

Affordable housing has changed my life because of the reasonable rent. It makes life much more comfortable on a low income.

Embrace Resident Services has changed my life because of what I have learned from the various presentation of the speakers that have come to our building have given much helpful info that is conducive to seniors. This has still been the case now that we’re meeting virtually on zoom.

Ruth D.
Embrace Resident


I love affordable housing because my residence is so conveniently located near my favorite stores. My favorite part of living in Affordable Housing is the beauty of these gorgeously refurbished apartments. I’ve never had granite counters before and my granite kitchen-sink counter is eye dazzling.

Also, the amenities that are provided, like the exercise room and activity rooms, make me feel like I’m in a luxurious hotel, only I’m actually in my affordable home.

Embrace Resident


I love everything you do for the after-school program and I am so happy that I have something to do now instead of being bored at home.There isn’t one thing that you have done in this program that I don’t like. I get to do things that I’ve never had the chance to do before like make gingerbread houses or learn how to make slime.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this program.

Brandon (11)
Embrace Resident


Mi familia y yo estamos muy agradecidos con la ayuda que nos han dado, como los abrigos, regalos de Navidad, útiles de la escuela y especialmente la comida que nos regalan dos veces al mes. Nosotros tenemos 5 hijas, aunque la mayor no vive con nosotros. Ahorita vivimos 6 en el hogar.

Cada semana vamos a comprar comida, pero desde que nos regalan comida nos rinde más el dinero y lo utilizamos en otras cosas. Usamos mucho la leche, huevos, frutas, verduras y yogures. Diosito se los pague, y le quiero dar las gracias a Aubrey. Ella es una muchacha tan amable y linda. Gracias a todos los que participan en ayudarnos con estas donaciones. Muchas gracias. Que Dios se los pague.


Familia Solorzano-Vega
Residente De Embrace

My family and I are very grateful for the help you all have given us, like the jackets, Christmas presents, school supplies, and especially the food you give bi-weekly. We have 5 daughters; however, the eldest doesn’t live with us. We are a household of 6.

We grocery shop every week, but since the food distributions, we can use the spare money on other things. We enjoy the milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and yogurts. God bless you all, especial to Aubrey. She is a very kind and caring person. Thank you to everyone that participates in helping obtain donations. Thank you so much. God bless you.


Solorzano-Vega Family
Embrace Resident


I am writing this letter to share my thoughts about Elwood Resident Services, specifically Ms. Patricia.  Ms. Patricia truly goes out of her way to make the children feel welcome during the after school program as well as any events she hosts.  She puts much thought into the activities she plans for the children, making each experience fun and special.  

One of the most memorable activities was where she gave the children a science project that included a personal pizza!  This was delivered to our door due to COVID guidelines.  This totally made my daughter’s day!  During a pandemic we need little surprises like that to get through!  Another activity that stands out is when Ms. Patricia provided the children with material and instructions on how to create a knot blanket.  My daughter enjoyed it so much that she asked me to get more material so she could make more blankets for family members for Christmas!  I love that Ms. Patricia’s ideas sparked a new interest for my daughter!

Ms. Patricia also provided a bit of happiness when she posted a contest for Halloween!  We were so eager to participate and we ended up winning!  Such a wonderful surprise!  We were also blessed when she delivered a beautiful basket full of gifts for the December drawing!  Again, these moments have really brought joy during this pandemic full of uncertainty.  

I truly love how the resident services creates a feeling of community for us and gives the children things to look forward to.  It allows the children to socialize in a safe place where parents don’t have to worry.  I appreciate all Ms. Patricia does for our community!


Candace B.
Embrace Resident

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