Featured Property: Lindsay Family Apartments

Featured Property: Lindsay Family Apartments

Located at 15 North Westwood Avenue in Lindsay, California, Lindsay Family Apartments continues to be an exemplary property. Built in 2005, each building has solar panels nicely incorporated into the design and has maintained a modern profile.

Immediately noticeable is the attractive curb appeal of the garden-style buildings which offers 60 three- and four-bedroom apartments units and an attractive amenity package. Residents enjoy well-lit parking areas, pool, and playgrounds. In collaboration with Highbridge Costa and Winn Residential, we are proud to be able to provide an exceptional affordable community to local residents.

Mike Ristow, Asset Manager, has been involved on several property site assessments during his 9-year span at Foundation for Affordable Housing, Inc.

Mike shares, “The ability to provide superior, safe, and sustainable housing to families and seniors in need continues to be our top priority. And Lindsay Family Apartments serves as an great example.”

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