Our Asset Managers Continue our Mission Through COVID-19

Our Asset Managers Continue our Mission Through COVID-19

Pictured: Mike Ristow, FFAH Senior Asset Manager, conducting a site assessment at a local community.

Whether a development is a strategic partnership or one of the many we own, Foundation for Affordable Housing continues to focus on maintaining safe, comfortable, high-quality affordable homes especially during the pandemic.

Jason Acosta

Our Asset Managers continues to conduct property site visits on behalf of its development partners. In an effort to safely conduct site inspections in the COVID-19 environment, our Asset Managers will continue conducting self-guided tours while wearing the required PPE and practicing stringent safety measures.

Jason Acosta, Director of Asset Management, stated “Routine inspections are critical to serve as a preventative way to mitigate serious issues at our communities. And regular inspections benefit both the tenant and the owner/management. Our dedicated Asset Managers continue to participate in these site evaluations to continue serving as eyes and ears to ensure we are aggressively operating and managing our assets in order to continue providing quality, safe homes to several families and seniors.”

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