Hope on Alvarado – A “Case Study” in Affordable Housing

Hope on Alvarado – A “Case Study” in Affordable Housing

The Foundation for Affordable Housing (FFAH) is proud to take a leading role in the creation of innovative housing solutions. The “Hope on Alvarado” project has been considered a case study in sustainable and affordable housing.

FFAH partnered with Aedis Real Estate Group, HBG Construction Corp., and KTGY Architecture Firm to create housing quickly and affordably by using innovative construction methods and materials.

Affordable Housing of the Future

Hope on Alvarado’s residences and offices are made of modules that are similar to shipping containers.  The recently completed project was designed by KTGY and the modules, which weigh 15,000 to 30,000 pounds, were hoisted into place into place by HBG Construction Corp.

There are 84 units in the five-story building located at 166 S. Alvarado St in Los Angeles. The living spaces are designed to be transitional housing for previously homeless tenants.  The apartments range between 400-500 square feet and are studio and 1-bedroom units. The apartments are designed in the popular mid-century style and have expansive wall-windows. There are also offices for social services.

The building is constructed around a central courtyard, providing privacy, safety and a deepened sense of community. The partially underground garage is hidden. Parking spaces are provided for social services staff while each resident has a bike- storage space.

FFAH Mission to Provide Affordable Housing

For almost thirty years, The Foundation for Affordable Housing has been building affordable homes that enrich the lives of their residents and add stability to the community. Hope on Alvarado is an example of what can happen when we collaborate with our partners to provide affordable housing solutions.

Photos: KTGY

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