FFAH is committed to bringing fresh food to our communities!

FFAH is committed to bringing fresh food to our communities!

Food Forward partners with The Foundation’s resident services arm, Embrace to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to Magnolia on Lake and Lotus Garden Apartments in Los Angeles.

Residents of Lotus Garden Apartments and Magnolia on Lake are benefiting from fresh fruits and vegetables recovered from the Brentwood Farmer’s Market. Thanks to the generous support of the Food Forward organization, Embrace employees pick up fresh produce once a month and make it available to the residents of these apartment complexes. Residents not only reap the benefit of fresh grown produce that they might not otherwise have purchased, but they realize the cost savings as well. We all know that produce is expensive these days and through this great partnership Embrace and Food Forward are making a difference in the lives of low income families.

In addition to the food distribution to residents, the children attending the after school program are benefiting as well. Embrace coordinators are taking the time to introduce the children to new fruits and vegetables and they are sharing healthy ways to prepare the produce. The kids are now eating fresh and healthy snacks and they are sharing the recipes with the parents too!

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