Embrace Resident Spotlight!

Embrace Resident Spotlight!

My life at Orange Garden Apartments in Poway, California.

A roof over my head and a safe place to live was all that I wanted. I was living with my mother while waiting to receive my Section 8 housing voucher. When my mother passed away, I wondered what would happen next and where I would live. I feared I may become homeless. Until my voucher came through, I had an extreme lack of housing security.

My Section 8 voucher came through just in time. I was able to find housing that accepted my voucher and I lived there for ten years. When my family moved to Poway, I wanted to be closer to them and so my search began. Shortly I found my current home at Orange Garden Apartments, a newly renovated affordable housing complex which was much closer to my children and grandchildren. Since moving into Orange Garden, I have felt an overwhelming sense of inner calmness. Even while going through the stresses of life, I am able to keep a sense of peace, knowing I can remain independent and have the security of a roof over her head. Not having to worry about my home allows me to focus on my mental and physical health. Living in affordable housing means everything to me, it continues to provide me a sense of independence, and I feel it has given me my life back!

I have many reasons for enjoying my apartment at Orange Garden, but the most important reason is that I really feel like it is home. It is so important, whether you live in a rental home or a purchased dwelling, to have the feeling that this is my home, my safe place and that is respected as such. Paulette our property manager and Chelsea our Service Coordinator are instrumental in creating this feeling for us. They are respectful, kind, understanding and they always have a minute to listen and help. They have created a true community at Orange Garden.

I am so thankful for my home and I feel it is important to give back to my community. Each month I volunteer at the community food distribution helping Chelsea the Service Coordinator set up and organize. I also feel it is important to interact with my neighbors and check in with them regularly. I have assembled a group of residents who look after each other and support one another in whatever way they can. I feel it is essential to form relationships so that everyone has someone looking after them. I take pride in my community and if I see something that needs to be addressed, I take care of it. While walking around, I pick up trash or shut doors to the garbage and laundry rooms. If things are beyond my fixing, I notify management immediately. I want to keep the place I live clean and safe so I do what I can to make sure that it is a pleasant place for myself and my neighbors.

Affordable housing has changed my life by providing me a safe, secure place to live while allowing me the opportunity to maintain my independence. I am incredibly grateful.

We also have a wonderful Resident Services Coordinator, Chelsea. Chelsea plans events that are helpful and educational. She is always available if you should have any needs that she can help you with. This is so important, especially if you are a senior like me who may need direction regarding community outreach. And once again, it’s the respect that is shown to us by Chelsea that makes you feel that great surge of community.
Our property here is maintained and has much curb appeal. Repairs are done in a timely manner, and we have a maintenance person on the grounds. But most of all, I have a strong feeling of living in a safe atmosphere.

-Camille D.

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